Best Proxy Sites to Unblock 7Torrents – SevenTorrents

Best Proxy Sites to Unblock 7Torrents – SevenTorrents

Unblocking SevenTorrents with the Best Proxies

Most torrent websites provide free and easy access to almost any movie or TV show that you want. But few of them manage to keep you safe in the process. And when you spot the ones that do, you may find that you can’t enjoy uninterrupted access to their servers.

For more than a decade, SevenTorrents has been a one-stop movie torrent website for over 40 million users. And as such, it has also faced numerous shutdowns on multiple occasions. With time, SevenTorrents has become increasingly hard to access for the majority of its users worldwide.

Below, you can find out more about the current state of the SevenTorrents website. And learn more about the best ways to enjoy unrestricted access to its one-of-a-kind database of movies and TV shows.

But first, how come your browser keeps stubbornly directing you to WatchSoMuch every time when you try to access SevenTorrents?

The SevenTorrents Database Is Now a Part of WatchSoMuch

According to TorrentFreak, in 2018 the team running SevenTorrents announced that they will no longer maintain the popular torrent website. Instead, they decided to move the entire SevenTorrents database of movies and users to a completely new torrent index – WatchSoMuch.

In essence, the WatchSoMuch website incorporated SevenTorrents, including its community of users from around the world. Now you will automatically land the page if you try to visit And you can log in to WatchSoMuch using the SevenTorrents login information.

As the SevenTorrents team assured, WatchSoMuch was a friend website that had more functionality to offer to the SevenTorrents community. As a result, the transfer to WatchSoMuch went really smooth. And to the majority of SevenTorrents users it seemed as a simple change of website address and design.

Let us take a closer look at WatchSoMuch and find out what exactly makes it a better version of SevenTorrents.

WatchSoMuch: The Good Old SevenTorrents With New Features

Boasting a more stylish design, the WatchSoMuch torrent website comes with a higher level of compatibility with various mobile devices. Compared to the SevenTorrents index, WatchSoMuch also has a much faster search that every torrent user can most certainly appreciate.

At the same time, WatchSoMuch offers just as diverse a variety of movies and TV shows as SevenTorrents used to. As such, WatchSoMuch provides its users with access to approximately 220,000 torrents, including nearly 24,500 various movies and TV shows.

In addition, the WatchSoMuch users get to enjoy a diverse range of formats for every movie that the website offers. Namely, the WatchSoMuch website has movies in 4K, FullHD, HD, 3D, HEVC, DTS, Dolby Atmos, HDR, and other video formats.

Furthermore, unlike many other torrent websites, WatchSoMuch provides an opportunity to filter out the search results. The users can specify various criteria such as countries, genres, or ratings. And zero in on the exact movies and TV series they prefer.

Finally, WatchSoMuch allows its users to opt for VIP subscription that includes VPN and provides ads-free access to the website. As a result, the WatchSoMuch website comes with built-in safety and anonymity features that its users can get access to.

Let’s face it, though: WatchSoMuch may look like a decent successor to SevenTorrents, but it’s still no Netflix. And as such, it’s prone to shutdowns like any other torrent website. Luckily, there are workarounds that you can employ to be able to access WatchSoMuch at any time that you want.

Best Proxies to Access WatchSoMuch At Any Time

The following proxy websites allow you to unblock WatchSoMuch in an instant:

  • This proxy website serves as a one-stop solution to unblock WatchSoMuch as well as many other torrent websites. Besides the above address, you can also access this proxy website at,, or
  • ProxyPortal is a mirror service that allows to bypass various censorship filters that your Internet connection may have. WatchSoMuch is among the many torrent, streaming, and other download websites that this proxy service helps to unblock.
  • With the help of this free web proxy service, you can unblock a diverse variety of censored websites. Simply enter the WatchSoMuch website address into the URL bar and you will get unrestricted access to it.
  • This proxy service offers a rich selection of proxies that unblock torrent and many other types of websites. Once you key in the WatchSoMuch URL, the torrent website will become readily available for you to use.
  • UnblockVideos is yet another web proxy service that can help you to successfully bypass censorship restrictions. It makes accessing the WatchSoMuch torrent index as easy as typing in its web address and clicking “Unblock!”
  • Being very straightforward, this web proxy service can help you to unblock WatchSoMuch in a matter of seconds. Just specify the WatchSoMuch web address in the URL bar and browse movie torrents at WatchSoMuch freely again.
  • FilterBypass is a free and simple-to-use web proxy service that can unblock social networks and torrent websites alike. All you have to do to enjoy WatchSoMuch again is enter its URL and click the “Surf” button.
  • This free web proxy can unblock virtually any website, be it a torrent index or a streaming platform. As such, it can restore access to WatchSoMuch as well, allowing you to browse torrents again right away.

Will These Proxy Services Help to Unblock WatchSoMuch?

The above proxy services are free and provide unrestricted access to WatchSoMuch with minimal effort on your part. Sometimes, however, even the best web proxies may prove to be helpless. After all, torrent websites are notorious for regular copyright infringements and face shutdowns all the time.

On top of that, as convenient as web proxy services may appear, they don’t ensure your complete privacy. Your Internet service provider may still have a good grasp of what you using proxies is all about. To have more privacy as you try to unblock WatchSoMuch, invest in a decent VPN service.

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